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The question of Griffin October 24, 2009

Posted by Tony Randall in Journalism, Politics.
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Nick Griffin has had his moment and I’m afraid he didn’t blow it, whatever the “mainstream” right-wingers say. Worse, the BNP man was perhaps eased off the Question Time hook by the very people who thought  their attack would leave him swinging there. (more…)


Blogging is your conversation October 6, 2009

Posted by Tony Randall in Blogging, Journalism.
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I’m exhorting my students to blog blog and blog some more. There is reluctance.They wonder if they have anything to say that is worth writing about.  And whether they are good enough. Some see it as just another thing to have to do, like twittering. (more…)

Just an ordinary Joe October 5, 2008

Posted by Tony Randall in Journalism.
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The first thing that occurred to me when I heard Joe Kinnear chatting with the press last week was Derek and Clive (if you’re not familiar, try This Bloke Came Up to Me, but not if your granny is listening –  and I hope that’s not too grannyist). (more…)