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Hold the phone, your life’s going down the toilet September 30, 2009

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Since I’ve had a Blackberry I’ve had periodic bouts of addiction – most notably after downloading a chess app. I was  so reluctant to stop pondering my next killer move that a couple of times I came close to losing the thing down the toilet, and lately I’ve heard of two people I know who actually did lose their phones down the toilet.

I started to wonder, did a quick check and found a 2007  report that says in Britain 850,000 phones are dropped down the loo every year. It seems to be the most common way to stupidly lose your phone (between 1 and 2 million are stolen every year, but that doesn’t count because getting robbed isn’t necessarily stupid, more unlucky).

Then I got to thinking, if all those people have their phones out in the toilet, they’re likely to be using them in the toilet. Texting people, downloading something, playing chess, calling 999 for more loo roll – something.

And if 850,000 people actually drop them while they’re there, how many more are regularly using them there but managing to hold on tight.  Two million? Three million? Let’s say it’s two million. I’m here to tell you that if two million people spend 15 minutes extra a week in the toilet because they’re busy on the phone, that’s  57 years. Fifty seven years of productivity a week! In the kasi! We are a nation that is living its life in the toilet because we’ve got a mobile phone to look after!



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