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Paella, easiest and best September 29, 2009

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This works. The secret is to always have some chorizo hanging around.


For four:
Two nice cooking chorizos. Ready to eat. Slicing chorizo (*) can be used
Olive oil (not expensive extra virgin, that’s a waste)
Chicken; thighs, legs, chunks of breast, whatever
Green beans, cut just over an inch long
A couple of jarred sweet pimientos, sliced into strips
Bruce Forsyth
Two good handfuls of paella rice
Some medium sized North Atlantic prawns with their shells on
Several football phone-in punters revealing that money is killing the game
500ml or so of fish stock
Bottle of Vina Sol
A lemon

USE the chorizo as your basis, frying fat slices of it quietly until the thin pool of olive oil in your paellera turns orange, then hurl some chicken in (usually I’ll have cooked that up a bit first unless it’s a refined version with chunks of breast). Then the rice – less than you think you need otherwise you’ll have to put gallons of water in later, swearing ruefully – and coat that up with a few minutes’ stirring. In goes some green beans and some strips of sweet red pepper from a jar, a few threads of saffron that I’ve had in a teacup with hot water. And some pepper. No salt – the fish stock will do the job.  Stir gently. Then fish stock, bit by bit at first, a little like doing a risotto, but when you get bored forget it and just dump the rest of the stock in. Finally some prawns, shell and all. Make sure there’s enough liquid for it all to bubble along while you open a non-threatening white wine and go to the living room to swear at Strictly Come Dancing. Keep popping back to the kitchen to check the paella hasn’t stuck to the bottom of the pan and swear at the morons on 606. After about 15-20 minutes dish it up with glee because the colours look so good on the plate, squeeze plenty of lemon juice on top (very important, don’t forget that). Graciously accept all the accolades, as in ‘de nada’.

*if you have to



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